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Idaho is one of the premier places for Mountain Biking. The area around Boise has an extensive trail system with the Ridge to Rivers trail system. The area around McCall also has some of the most pristine trails for more challenging rides. The Owyhee Mountains are also becoming a very popular area for mountain biking and the area north of Garden Valley offers some incredible riding.

There is an extensive trail system in the Boise Front called the Ridge to Rivers trail system for Mountain Biking that was originally developed by the dirt biking community that linked old mining roads, military access roads, and logging roads together in the Boise Front. People often forget that many of the trails in the Ridge to Rivers trail system were traditionally used for mining, logging, erosion control by the CCC and were used recreationally by motorized users before the mountain biking popularity boom. During these times the foothills were treated more as a wasteland and sometimes even used as dump sites for old cars and garbage. Beer cans and "party sites" were very common.

It has only been in the recent past that motorized use has been eliminated from most of the lower trail systems due to increased non-motorized use. Many of the heavily used trails such as Crestline trail, Kestrel trail, Red Sands, and Corrals were actually in better shape back then, but overall the Ridge to Rivers trail system has been a hugely positive aspect for the community. SWIMBA (South Western Idaho Mountain Biking Association) has played a very positive role in maintaining and creating new trails as well as involving and educating the public on stewardship and environmental awareness.

Outside of the Ridge to Rivers trail system there are also many wonderful mountain bike trails and adventures. The Owyhee range and the areas around McCall, Garden Valley, and Ketchum will be a natural expansion of the sport. As the sport continues to grow there will be more and more interaction between pedestrian, equestrian, motorized use, and mountain biking. This makes it even more important to expand the trail systems that we currently enjoy to help spread out the impact and reduce the incidents of conflict between users.

As mountain biking technology increases and riders become more adept, more and more trails that have traditionally been used as hiking and equestrian trails will fall into the realm of mountain biking. Below is a list of trails that we recommend for enjoyable experiences using manís most efficient machine as a means of exploration and adventure.

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