Blackline Guides | Owyhee Area


The Owyhee range is located in the southwestern portion of Idaho and the southeastern portion of Oregon. The Owyhee Mountains are a part of the Owyhee Batholith which was forced up nearly 40 million years ago. It is thought that the Owyhee Batholith originally may have been a part of the much larger Idaho Batholith. It is thought the the Yellowstone Hotspot (Currently under Yellowstone National Park) was once under this area. The hotspot seared off the Owyhee Batholith from the Idaho Batholith. The Owyhyee range also contains Miocene rhyolite that was dispersed throughout the area from a meteor impact nearly 17 million years ago. The rhyolite is much softer than the underlying granite and more susceptible to erosion by wind and water. The combination creates areas scattered with hoodoos and other amazing rock features.



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