Race to Robie Creek 2009 | Boise, Idaho

I ran the Race to Robie Creek today. I did much better than I had expected with a finishing time of 1:57:23.392 which put me in place number 331. The race starts at Fort Boise and winds up Shaw Mountain Road. Near the top of Shaw Mountain Road the course heads up the old toll road at Rocky Canyon and over Aldape Summit. After passing over the summit the course takes a steep descent down into the Robie Creek drainage and ends with a spectacular party at a large park on the shores of Mores Creek.

The Race to Robie Creek is called “The Toughest Half-Marathon in the Northwest.” The race raises over $45,000 for local charities and non-profit organizations.  There were over 2,400 runners in the race this year.

Click here to visit the website for the Race to Robie Creek.

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